I'm Trevor Elwell, Concierge Program Manager at BrandYourself

Trevor Elwell's Bio:

Trevor Elwell: Concierge Program Manager at BrandYourself.com

BrandYourself is a NYC-based startup that helps control individual online reputations.  Trevor joined the company soon after he interned for them in Syracuse, NY, where the company was founded.  His journey with BrandYourself has been a very interesting one, and he has had numerous roles at the company.  At the beginning Trevor was in charge of the BrandYourself blog and their social media presence.  From there the position evolved to include all customer service as well.  From there, Trevor helped build the BrandYourself Concierge Program from the ground up and now manages the department.  

Outside of work, Trevor is a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys coding, reading, playing guitar, and learning in general (MIT opencourseware and EDX.org are two of his favorite sites).  Trevor is a graduate from Syracuse University (class of 2011) with two Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Music Business.    

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